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About Me

Sion Antique Treasures is the expression of the goldsmith’s art by Andrea Benvenuti, who was honoured with the title of a master craftsman from the Lombardy region in 2009.

After finishing his studies and working as an apprentice in some craft laboratories, he opened his workshop in 2008 to express his creativity.

In the following years, his thirst of knowledge led him to study the origins of that goldsmith art of high quality and handmade jewellry which represented for many years – and still represents -  a social status.

He got fascinated by the jewellry manufacturing done by the aesthete and devoting Etruscans, that is the reason why he decided to study how this civilization designed those exquisite creations, mastering the usage of thin gold sheets and strings, in addition to the granulation technique.

Indeed, he developed a true passion for the accurate reproduction of Etruscan jewels, which is still an object of study and is exhibit in the world’s most famous museums.

Thanks to his commitment to this fine style and his careful research in details, he won the first edition of the exhibition “I Maestri del Gioiello” (The Masters of Jewellry) with the copy of a necklace called “tralci di pampini e grappoli di uva” (shoot of vine leaves and bunch grapes) held in Milan in 2009. The piece, designed with a thin refined metal sheet and Carnelian spheres, is inspired by the original one owned by the Castellani family, who lived between the 18th and 19th centuries, famous for their collection and goldsmith art.

Today his creations, although with a modern taste, are the result of these artistic influences, a cultural and recalled connection between our age and our roots.

Convey the fascination of the Origin through its art is the main aim that the Sion brand carries on with passion.

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